Leave more Paw Prints than the other kitties to claim the garden.

Don't let your Energy get too low, or you'll automatically take a cat nap.

Eat a Bunny Treat with your Action button (Q, R, U or Shift depending on which cat you control) to refill your Energy!


In Menus: A and B to change screens

Skinny Teal Cat: WASD (up, left, down, right); Q to EAT

Skinny Purple Cat: TFGH (up, left, down, right); R to EAT

Fat Red Cat: IJKL ((up, left, down, right); U to EAT

Fat Blue Cat: Up, Down, Left, Right; SHIFT to EAT

A 2 to 4 player game originally made for the Arcade Royale machine, 4-player PC controls were added post-jam.

Created by Clémence Laliberté, Jessica Moore, Samantha Cook and Virginie Lesiège at the GAMERella Game Jam in 2015.


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Neat looking graphics! I included it in my GAMERella compilation video series, if you'd like to take a look. :)